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Seattle & GoChat247

Feb 22, 2022


Dubai 22nd February 2022, GoChat247, and Seattle Project Management Services Co. LLC, announce the signing of a strategic long-term partnership agreement for GoChat247 to open its office in Dubai and partner with Seattle for its business development.

Established in 2017, with the vision to be the Top Business Process outsourcing for Digital Services in the region, GoChat managed the last 4 years to develop its business in 4 different countries, 5 different industries, handling more than 1 million transaction per month and was able to create more than 700 jobs for Egyptians.

With the hyper Growth the company is witnessing, the company has decided to open its office in Dubai, and partner with Seattle for its business development in the UAE, and the GCC.

Wael Abou ElElla GoChat247 Chairman, and Founder has commented “we are very happy with the growth we are witnessing in our voice and digital services in Egypt and the Region, we are proud to be the preferred BPO for many of the progressive startups in Egypt specially in the area of Fintech, Digital Wallets, E-commerce, and B2B. 3 out of the Top 6 Egyptian startups interns of fundraising during 2021 are using our services. Our Unique proposition from talented, and well-trained customer services agents with agile approach and our startup DNA were our formula of success that enabled us to grow 3X last year”.

Furthermore, Mr. Wael elaborates, “we are looking forward to grasp the huge opportunity in the GCC market capitalizing on our main asset which is our team. We see Egypt in a unique position to capture this opportunity. with our human resources, young digital native population we will be able to compete in the area of BPO with its trendy Chat, AI, and BOT.”

He continues, “we have now 2 facilities to provide our managed digital and voice services in Cairo with total of 600 seats and we have decided our new expansion will be in Delta to be the first BPO there.”

“Seattle Project Management Services continues to identify innovative partners with unique technology solutions that enable us to stay at the forefront of trends across all industry verticals,” said Saeed Al Hamli, Partner and Chief Executive Officer of Seattle Project Management Services.

About Seattle, Seattle is a project management company established in Dubai, UAE with a focus on Business Development and Incubation, Enabling Investments and JVs, as well as Acceleration of the businesses Growth in the region.

For inquiries about GoChat 247 services, please contact Mr. Yasser Aboulamayem, Sales Director,

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