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Enabling Investment

At Seattle PMS, We focus on Growth Investment Strategy, and Examine the Growth Potential of different Ventures. Such Ventures with Potential Growth will be Considered by Seattle PMS Either for Direct Investment and/or through Our Wide Range of Partners. In addition to that, Seattle assists Companies to Develop/Pitch their Investment Memorandum.


Our Partners

Our Ventures



combine consulting and technology to create outstanding experiences for customers from back end integration solutions, through process digitization to innovative business models. Services focused on the customer lifecycle to create enchanting experiences in the digital space.

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Maximize Your Capital Gain

Attracting the Growth Investors who are Seeking to Maximize their Capital Gain happens when a Company has an Expected Earning Growth that is Higher than Companies in the same Industry or the Market as a Whole, And that is OUR MAIN BELIEVE.

Investment Opportunities


School Building

Investing in a brand new school in Sharjah, U.A.E is a BIG OPPORTUNITY, DON’T MISS IT…
The school has a total capacity of 2500 students, which is planned for operation starting from 2025. A Complete feasibility study and business plan have been developed for the project.

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