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Seattle provides the required support to define your business type and its importance
in the Dubai market and finalize all the legal and financial procedures for
your business, which can be summarized as follows:

1. Business Idea

Defining your own business type for consulting you on the required license whether it’s professional, industrial, or commercial. Hence, defines the basis of your operations, the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai has a list of over 2100 activities you can choose from.

4. Name Reservation

Providing alternatives for the trade name which is subjected to the approval of the
Dubai Economic Department (DED) or the Freezone licensing authority.

7. Loction

Seattle provides your business with different options for the location that suits its needs
as well as the DED or Freezone requirements.

2. Ownership

According to your business activity and your partners' ownership percentages, Seattle
will provide you with the best option to select from the mainland, free zone, or dual

5. Initial Approval

Seattle provides your business with the required approvals to proceed. These Initial approval certificates are also required in registering a new business location or proceed with external approvals.

8. Legal Documents

Seattle guides your business through the process of drafting, modifying, and eventually signing the Memorandum or Article of Association (MOA) or (AOA).

3. Legal Type

Limited Liability Company (LLC), Private Joint Stock Company (PJSC), and Sole Establishment,
are different legal types of companies, Seattle will support your business in
selecting the proper legal type of your company depending on the business nature.

6. External Approval(s)

Seattle will support your business to acquire the necessary approvals (from external entities) to proceed with the licensing procedures.

9. License

Seattle provides your business a full set of documents upon receiving the business license by issuing your final license to operate your business.

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